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Table 3 Methodological characteristics of the selected studies, the regenerative objective (simultaneous or staged), the types of interventions and measured outcomes

From: Horizontal augmentation techniques in the mandible: a systematic review

Author Year Study design Setting Type of augmentation Regenerative objective Interventions Test/control, n Preparation Outcomes measures
Test Control Patients Sites
Amorfini et al. [101] 2014 RCT, parallel, allocation ratio of 1:1, split-mouth model Private practice Lateral Accompanying implant placement Corticocancellous allograft (iliac crest) + collagen membrane (Biogide®, Geistlich AG) + rhPDGF-BB (GEM 21S®, Osteohealth) or saline solution Autologous bone chips + bovine bone xenograft (BioOss®, Geistlich) + collagen membrane (Bio-Gide®, Geistlich) + rhPDGF-BB (GEM 21S® Osteohealth) or saline solution 8/8 8/8 Block graft (treatment) and particulate material (control) BV, RA, BLCT, BOP, PPD, PI, mBL
Barbu et al. [100] 2016 RCT University clinic Lateral Two-staged Autogenous ramus block (retromolar) + Autogenous particulate bone + PRF membrane (Group 1) Autogenous ramus block (retromolar) + Autogenous particulate bone chips mixed with xenograft particulate bone + Pericardium membrane (Group 2) 12/12 12/12 Crestal incision, block graft, cortical perforation of recipient bed RA, IS, BG, EX, PGF, TGF
Beitlitum et al. [117] 2018 Retrospective study Two periodontal practices, one university dental clinic Lateral Two-staged Particulate mineralized bone allograft (MinerOss, BioHorizons or Maxgraft, Botiss) covered with a cross-linked resorbable collagen barrier membrane 15/– 16/– Crestal incision, particulate allograft RA, EX, IS, ME, PGF, TGF
Di Stefano et al. [104] 2009 Case series Private practice Lateral Two-staged Onlay graft of equine spongy bone layer (Osteoplant Flex, Bioteck, Italy) + titanium-reinforced membrane 5/5 5/5 Onlay xenograft HA, PGF, TGF, RA
Nissan et al. [103] 2011 RCT Lateral and vertical Two-staged Cancellous allograft + mineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (OraGraft, Lifenet), or bovine bone xenograft (BioOss®, Geistlich) + Membranes: Ossix Plus, OraPharma; Ossix, Biomet; Bio-Gide, Geistlich; Pre-augmentation measurements of crest width and height 21/– 29/– Crestal incision, block graft WG, WR, ME, HR
Schwartz-Arad et al. [99] 2016 Retrospective study Outpatient surgical center Lateral and vertical Two-staged Autologous intraoral graft + bovine bone xenograft (BioOss®, Geistlich AG) + platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet-poor plasma (PPP) n/a 115/– Crestal incision, block graft RA, EX, EXH, EXW, Inf, IS, ISC, ME, PGF, TGF, SP
Silva et al. [105] 2017 Prospective study University clinic Lateral and vertical Two-staged Fresh-frozen bone-block allograft (femoral epiphyses) from tissue bank (UNIOSS, Brazil) + BBM granules (BioOss, Geistlich, Switzerland) + resorbable collagen membrane (Bio-Gide, Geistlich, Switzerland) 20/– 50/– block allograft, particulate material RA, EX, PGF, TGF, BV, HA, IS, mBL, SP, WG
Urban et al. [102] 2013 Case series University Clinic Lateral Two-staged xenograft (inorganic bovine bone-derived mineral, Bio-Oss) + autologous bone graft + resorbable collagen membrane 13/– 16/– particulate material BV, IS, ISC, PGF, SP, WG, WR
  1. BOP bleeding on probing, BV bone volume changes, CAL peri-implant clinical attachment level, CCT controlled clinical trial, ePTFE expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, EX exposure, EXH exposed site height, EXW exposed site width, HA histological assessment, IS implant survival, mBL mean marginal bone loss, ME membrane exposure, PGF partial graft failure, PI peri-implant plaque index, PPD peri-implant probing depth, PRF platelet-rich fibrin, RA radiographic assessment, POP penetration of the probe, RCT randomized controlled trial, rh-BMP2 recombinant human bone morphogenic protein 2, rhPDGF-BB recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor-BB, SP success rate procedure, TGF total graft failure, WG width gain, WR width reduction