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Table 2 Quality assessment of the included studies: NOS tool

From: Role of proinflammatory mutations in peri-implantitis: systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors, year Type of study New Castle-Ottawa Scale (NOS)
Selection Comparability Exposure
Shimpuku et al. 2003 Case–control
Laine et al. 2006 Case–control
Cury et al. 2007 Case–control
Lachmann et al. 2007 Case–control
Lin et al. 2007 Case–control
Hamdy et al. 2007 Case–control
Gurol et al. 2011 Case–control
Melo et al. 2012 Case–control
Ladeira-Casado et al. 2013 Case–control
García-Delaney et al. 2015 Case–control
Rakic et al. 2015 Case–control
Petkovic-Curcin et al. 2017 Case–control