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Table 4 Centrifugation protocols used in each study

From: Efficacy of platelet-rich fibrin in promoting the healing of extraction sockets: a systematic review

Study PRF-type Tube RPM (RCF [×g]) Centrifugation time (min) Centrifuge
Castro et al. [41] L-PRF 9­ml silica-­coated plastic tubes without anticoagulant (BVBCTP-­2, Intra-­Spin, Intra-­Lock) 2700 rpm (RCFclot: 408 g) 12 Intra-­Spin, Intra-­Lock
A-PRF +  10-ml glass tubes without anticoagulant (DUO) for A-­PRF +  1300 rpm (RCFclot: 145 g) 8 DUO Process
Sharma et al. [54] PRF 6 ml intravenous blood was collected in a 10-ml sterile tube without anticoagulant 3000 rpm 10 LabTech AVI-532-BL centrifugation machine
Mourao et al. [56] L-PRF 10-ml red tubes (IntraSpin™, Biohorizons®) 2700 rpm (708×g) 12 IntraSpin™, Biohorizons®, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Canellas et al. [47] L-PRF sterile, glass-coated plastic tubes 2700 (708×g) 12 Intra-Lock, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Srinivas et al. [48] L-PRF 10 ml test tubes which were kept without an anticoagulant 3000 rpm 10 Not reported
Ahmed et al. [53] L-PRF Not reported 3000 rpm 10 Not reported
Areewong et al. [55] L-PRF Glass tube 2700 rpm 12 IntraSpin, Intra-Lock, Nice, France
Ustaoglu et al. [42] L-PRF 9 mL tubes 2700 rpm 12 Intra-Spin System, L-PRF kit, Intra-Lock, Boca-Raton, FL, USA
T-PRF Grade IV sterile titanium tubes 2800 rpm 12 Not reported
Giudice et al. [40] A-PRF +  A-PRF + tubes 1300 rpm 8 DUO centrifuge (Process for PRF, Nice, France);
L-PRF Red tubes 2700 rpm 18 (Intra-Lock International, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Zhang et al. [49] L-PRF test tubes without any anticoagulant 400×g 10 Hettich® Universal 320 (Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG, Tuttlingen, Germany)
Kumar et al. [43] PRF Not reported 3000 rpm 10 Not reported
Asmael et al. [58] PRF Five or ten milliliters of intravenous blood was drawn in 10 mL glass vacuumed tube without anticoagulants 3000 rpm 10 Centrifuge machine (Xiangtian, Jiangsu China)
Clark et al. [39] A-PRF 01 mL sterile glass vacuum tube 1300 rpm 8 Not reported
Alzahrani et al. [44] PRF Not reported 3000 (400×g) 10 Compact centrifuge (Hermle labortechnik, Germany)
Temmerman et al. [50] L-PRF Plastic 10-mL tubes without anticoagulant 2700 rpm 12 (IntraSpin™, IntraLock, Boca Raton, Florida, USA)
Marenzi et al. [57] L-PRF 9-mL tubes 2700 rpm 12 Intra-Lock, Boca-Raton, FL, USA
Suttapreyasri et al. [45] L-PRF 10-mL glass tube 3000 rpm 10 Hettich Zentrifugen centrifuge EBA 20 (Andreas Hettich GmbH& Co, KG,
Tuttlingen, Germany
Hauser et al. [46] PRF 8-mL tubes without anticoagulant 2700 rpm 8 Not reported
Thakkar et al. [52] PRF 10 ml syringe 3000 rpm 10 Not reported
Yewale et al. [51] A-PRF +  10-mL tubes without anticoagulants 1300 rpm (208×g) 8 Not reported