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Fig. 3

From: Efficacy of alternative or adjunctive measures to conventional non-surgical and surgical treatment of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Fig. 3Fig. 3

Forest plot indicating weighted mean difference (95% CI) in the reduction of assessed treatment outcomes following non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. a Alternative measures for biofilm removal (patient-level analysis)—BOP. b Alternative measures for biofilm removal (patient-level analysis)—PD. c Alternative measures for biofilm removal (patient-level analysis)—ML. d Adjunctive local antiseptic/antibiotic therapy (patient-level analysis)—BOP. e Adjunctive local antiseptic/antibiotic therapy (patient-level analysis)—PD. f Adjunctive local antiseptic therapy (patient-level analysis)—ML. g Adjunctive systemic antibiotics (patient-level analysis)—BOP. h Adjunctive systemic antibiotics (patient-level analysis)—PD. i Adjunctive probiotics (patient-level analysis)—PD

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