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Table 5 Patient satisfaction questionnaire with VAS scores (range 0–100)

From: Single implant-supported two-unit cantilever fixed partial dentures in the posterior region: a retrospective case series with a mean follow-up of 6.5 years

  Mean Standard deviation Minimum-maximum
How satisfied are you with the cantilever FPD 94.0 7.2 73–100
Does the cantilever FPD meet your expectations 96.1 6.1 73–100
Do you like the design of the cantilever FPD 93.9 8.2 63–100
Do you like the color of the cantilever FPD 93.6 8.1 70–100
Would you recommend the cantilever FPD to anyone else 90.7 20.8 0–100
  1. VAS visual analogue scale, FPD fixed partial denture