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Table 8 Summary of the comparison of DI and CI, and each parameters’ effect regarding precision of DI

From: Trueness and precision of digital implant impressions by intraoral scanners: a literature review

  DI vs CI Difference in IOS Inter-implant distance Scan range/edentulous type Experience of operator
Flügge et al. 2016 [15]      
Mangano et al. 2016 [25]     ×  
Imburgia et al. 2017 [27]   ×   Depends on IOS  
Mangano et al. 2019 [24]     ×  
Miyoshi et al. 2019 [41]      
Roig et al. 2020 [38] DI > CI     
  1. : significant effect was observed, : effect was observed without statistical significance, ×: no effect was observed