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Table 2 Differential Ca-ion/control adsorbed protein ratio. Data with ANOVA p < 0.05 and a ratio higher than 1.5 in either direction was considered as significantly different

From: Influence of calcium ion-modified implant surfaces in protein adsorption and implant integration

Accession Description p value Ratio
FA10_HUMAN Coagulation factor X 1.13E−04 181.42
LYSC_HUMAN Lysozyme C 2.29E−02 13.60
PIP_HUMAN Prolactin-inducible protein 3.90E−02 2.98
SAMP_HUMAN Serum amyloid P-component 4.66E−02 2.59
A1AT_HUMAN Alpha-1-antitrypsin 3.97E−03 0.53
TRFE_HUMAN Serotransferrin 1.69E−02 0.46
VTNC_HUMAN Vitronectin 2.13E−02 0.45
APOE_HUMAN Apolipoprotein E 4.78E−03 0.41
SAA4_HUMAN Serum amyloid A-4 protein 3.45E−02 0.38
PLMN_HUMAN Plasminogen 1.10E−02 0.28
FA12_HUMAN Coagulation factor XII 4.26E−02 0.26
KNG1_HUMAN Kininogen-1 1.16E−04 0.24
ATPA_HUMAN ATP synthase subunit alpha mitochondrial 3.56E−02 0.24
ACTBL_HUMAN Beta-actin-like protein 2 3.65E−02 0.19
DHX8_HUMAN ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX8 4.11E−02 0.13
HEP2_HUMAN Heparin cofactor 2 4.92E−02 0.13
CFAH_HUMAN Complement factor H 1.28E−02 0.06