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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Patient’s perception of recovery after osteotome-mediated sinus floor elevation with Bio-Oss collagen compared with no grafting material: a randomized single-blinded controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
 • >20 years
 • Missing one posterior maxillary tooth for more than four months
 • Residual alveolar bone height of the maxillary alveolar ridge ≥6 mm and ≤10 mm
 • Width of the alveolar ridge ≥6.5 mm
 • Mandibular occluding teeth
 • Able to understand and sign the informed consent
 • Single tooth gaps as well as free ended prosthetic solutions
Exclusion criteria
 • Contraindications to implant therapy
 • Full mouth plaque score >25%
 • Progressive marginal periodontitis
 • Acute infection in the area intended for implant placement
 • Parafunction, bruxism, or clenching
 • Psychiatric problems or unrealistic expectations
 • Heavy tobacco use define as >10 cigarettes per day
 • Current pregnancy at the time of recruitment
 • Physical handicaps that would interfere with the ability to perform adequate oral hygiene
 • Inability or unwillingness to regularly attend the scheduled follow-up visits