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Table 1 Partially dentate patients in whom the alveolar process was reconstructed with calvarial bone

From: Calvarial bone grafts to augment the alveolar process in partially dentate patients: a prospective case series

No. Gender, age (years) Cause Location Number of implants Immediate or delayed placement, brand implant (B = Biomet, S= Straumann) Follow-up (months); complications
1 F, 35 Trauma horsekick to face Premaxilla 3 Immediate, B 58; 1 implant lost due to infected osteosynthesis screw/peri-implantitis; some hair loss along scar.
2 F, 43 Oligodontia Premaxilla, symphysis 7 Delayed, S 21; some hair loss along scar
3 M, 36 Failed previous bone augmentation Premaxilla 1 Delayed, S 28; wound dehiscence
4 F, 68 Atrophy Lateral maxilla and mandibe both sides 7 Immediate, S 47; no complications
5 M, 55 Atrophy Premaxilla 3 Immediate, S 53; no complications
6 F, 65 Atrophy Lateral mandible both sides 4 Delayed, S 34; no complications
7 F, 69 Atrophy Lateral maxilla 5 Delayed, B 38; no complications
  1. F female, M male, B Biomet Nanotite implants (ZimmerBiomet, Dordrecht, The Netherlands), S Straumann bone level implants (Straumann, Wolhusen, Switserland)