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Table 1 Maintenance care instructions for the patient

From: Implant-supported orbital prosthesis: a technical innovation of silicone fabrication

Maintenance care of a silicone face prosthesis
1. Wipe the front and back surfaces of the prosthesis with lukewarm water. Because the silicone color will lighten over time, wipe the surfaces as carefully as possible.
2. Carefully wipe the prosthesis again with 70% ethanol disinfectant to thoroughly clean the inner surface that contacts the skin directly.
3. When attaching the prosthesis to the face, align the magnets starting from the side with the implant abutments (keeper). After correct alignment with the implant abutments, the prosthesis can be fully attached to the face.
4. After thoroughly cleaning the edge of the prosthesis, partially apply the adhesive with a cotton swab and attach the prosthesis to the skin surface.
5. When removing the prosthesis, carefully remove the magnet side with both hands.
6. Remove any traces of adhesive on the skin and the edges of the prosthesis using the adhesive remover.
7. If any bits of remover component remain, the adhesive strength may decrease during the next use. Therefore, after wiping the prosthesis’s edge thoroughly with remover, clean it again with water and sterilize it with ethanol before storing it.
8. Due to the nature of silicone material, the prosthesis can easily attract dust. Keep the silicone prosthesis in a case after washing, and be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight for extended periods of time