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Table 1 Articles excluded and reasons for exclusion

From: Immediate implant placement in molar extraction sockets: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Reason for exclusion Study
No report on data of MBL Ormanier et al. 2012, Carlino et al. 2008, Acocella et al. 2010
Less than 10 subjects included Youself et al. 2012, Block et al. 2011
Implants placed in anterior area De Angelis et al. 2011, Gómez Roman et al. 2001, Paoloantonio et al. 2001, Harel et al. 2014, McAllister et al. 2012, Malchiodi et al. 2010, Siepnkothen et al. 2007
Implant placement timing not specified. Cavallaro et al. 2011