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Table 3 Eligibility criteria

From: Marginal bone loss around oral implants supporting fixed versus removable prostheses: a systematic review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Studies including human subjects in good general health (patient/population)
• Partially or fully edentulous patients (patient/population)
• No restriction on age or gender (patient/population)
• Restorations supported by osseointegrated implants with no restriction on material, design, number, location, surgical technique and loading protocol (intervention)
• Intervention and comparison group, FISP versus RISP (comparison)
• Marginal bone loss around maxillary and mandibular implants, with no restriction on the location (outcome)
• Validated, standardized measurement methods to investigate MBL (outcome)
• Randomized controlled trials (RCTs), quasi randomized controlled trials (qRCTs), prospective and retrospective studies (study design)
• Publications in English or German with no restriction on date (study design)
• Unpublished work
• Patients with diabetes, periodontal diseases, pregnancy, osteoporosis, heavy smokers and studies in which >25% of the patient population were smokers
• Studies with less than 15 patients
• Patients with augmented bone
• Tooth-implant-supported restorations
• Single-tooth implant restorations
• Studies including animals and in vitro studies