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Table 1 Electronic free-text term search in Web of Science

From: Marginal bone loss around oral implants supporting fixed versus removable prostheses: a systematic review

#1 TS=(((impl* OR overdentur* OR maxillofacial OR “maxillo-facial”) NEAR/5 (prosthes* OR fixed OR permanent OR removable OR restorat* OR reconstruct*)))
#2 TS=(((bone* OR osteo*) NEAR/5 (alveolar OR maxill* OR mandib* OR jaw OR bucc* OR “peri-implant*“ OR periimplant* OR marginal) NEAR/5 (loss OR resorption OR defect* OR density OR atroph* OR distraction OR lyses OR osteolys* OR osteonecro* OR necrosis OR volume)))
#3 TS=((predict* OR score* OR observe*) OR (trial OR random* OR therapeutic*))
#4 #2 AND #1
#5 #4 AND #3