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Table 1 Patient and implant site characteristics

From: Histological characteristics of advanced peri-implantitis bone defects in humans

Sample IDGenderAgeLocationProsthesis typeLoading time (years)lmplant surfaceMean BOP (%)Supp (+/−)Mean PD (mm)MBL (mm)
1M69MaxillaSingle-screwed5.1Machined100+6.4B: 4.0
P: 6.0
2F60MandibleSingle-screwed10.0Machined1006.0B: 4.5
L: 5.0
3F60MandibleSingle-screwed10.0Machined1006.2B: 4.0
L: 5.0
4F70MaxillaSingle-screwed20.3Machined1007.0B: 4.7
P: 8.0
5F69MaxillaSingle-screwed15.0Machined100+6.0B: 4.0
P: 7.0
  1. B buccal aspect, P palatal aspect, L lingual aspect, Supp suppuration, BOP% bleeding on probing score, MBL marginal bone loss, PD probing depth, + presence, − absence