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Table 1 Implants details of both groups: screw pitch, smooth neck length, surface treatments, and roughness

From: Comparative evaluation among laser-treated, machined, and sandblasted/acid-etched implant surfaces: an in vivo histologic analysis on sheep

 Group A implantsGroup B implantsGroup C implants
Screw pitch1.25 mm0.6 mm0.6 mm
Smooth neck2.8 mm0.25 mm0.25 mm
Surface treatmentLarge grit-blasted and acid-etched SLA surface, processed to a high degree of hydrophilicity (SLActive®)Laser surface characterized by a series of 20 μm diameter holes (7–10 μm deep) every 10 μm (Syntegra®)Machined surface
Surface roughness (Ra)1.5 μm0.37 μm*0,75 μm
  1. *Value obtained considering the holes not as part of the roughness but as part of the primary profile. Ra inside the holes is 0.1 μm while outside the holes is 0.4 μm