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Table 4 Correlation analyses

From: Patient experience following iliac crest-derived alveolar bone grafting and implant placement

Outcome variablesCorrelationsSpearman’s rhoP value
OHRQoLOral health compared0.596< 0.0001
General health now0.3690.014
General health compared0.4120.005
Implants placed/teeth installed0.3170.036
Lost implants− 0.3720.015
Smoking− 0.3340.005
Speaking0.572< 0.0001
Implants placedGeneral health− 0.3140.038
Oral pain post op0.3340.031
Oral health0.3050.044
General health compared0.3140.038
Satisfaction hip operation− 0.4390.004
Lost implantsGeneral health− 0.3280.034
QoL− 0.3420.027
OHRQoL− 0.3720.015
Satisfied teeth− 0.3280.034