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Table 3 Patient-reported outcomes

From: Patient experience following iliac crest-derived alveolar bone grafting and implant placement

Oral healthVery good/good81.8%
Quality of LifeVery good/good90.9%
General healthVery good/good81.8%
Pain after hip operationExcessive35.0%
Satisfaction hip operationVery85.7%
Post op infection in hip siteNo95.3%
Visible scar on hipYes48.8%
Acceptable scarYes20 of 21a
Reduced sensibility on hip siteNo86.0%
Problem walkingNo92.9%
Augmented bone block still presentNo6.8%
New augmentationYes1 of 4a
Oral pain after augmentationNo/some83.3%
Implant/teeth in augmented boneYes90.9%
Lost implantsYes28.6%
Time lost after installation0–3 months42.9%
7–12 months28.6%
New implants installedYes8 of 11a
Satisfaction with implant-retained teethVery satisfied/satisfied90.5%
  1. aIncomplete or missing data