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Table 1 Summary of questions

From: Patient experience following iliac crest-derived alveolar bone grafting and implant placement

 (1) Perceived health-status
  General health“Very good” to “bad”
  Oral health“Very good” to “bad”
  Overall quality of life“Excellent” to “bad”
 (2) Lifestyle-related
  Smoking“Yes,” “no,” or “sometimes”
  Appetite“Good” to “bad”
 (3) Donor site-related
  Pain“Yes” and “no”
  Infection“Yes” and “no”
  Presence of a scar“Yes” and “no”
  Reduced sensitivity“No” to “total loss of sensitivity”
  Problems walking“No” to “a lot”
  Satisfaction“Very satisfied” to “dissatisfied”
 (4) Implant-related
  Intraoral pain“No” to “strong pain”
  Installation of implants and prosthetic“Yes”, “no” or “just implants”
  Loss of implants“Yes” and “no”
  Satisfaction with prosthesis“Very satisfied” to “dissatisfied”
 (5) OHIP-14“At no time” to “all of the time”