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Table 4 Patients’ full-mouth periodontal probing depth (FMPPD), full-mouth plaque score (FMPS), and full-mouth bleeding score (FMBS) recorded during the follow-up period

From: Clinical and radiographics results at 3 years of RCT with split-mouth design of submerged vs. nonsubmerged single laser-microgrooved implants in posterior areas

 FMPPD (mm)FMPS (%)FMBS (%)
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
Baseline1.6 (0.3)13.7 (2.1)11.4 (1.7)
3-year follow-up (T3)1.8 (0.2)15.1 (1.4)12.3 (1.4)