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Table 4 Comparison of the time required for implant insertion for pilot-drill guided and full-guided implant insertion. For the pilot-drill guided implant insertion, the times are itemized for short and long sleeves. The means, their standard deviations (SD), medians, minima and maxima are shown. The p-values are resulting from a pair-wise comparison. The p-values for statistically significant differences are marked in bold font

From: Pilot-drill guided vs. full-guided implant insertion in artificial mandibles—a prospective laboratory study in fifth-year dental students

Group Mean ± SD Median Minimum Maximum p-value
Pilot-drill guided 8.84 min 2.39 min 8.25 min 5.50 min 17.16 min < 0.001
Full-guided 6.23 min 1.78 min 6.17 min 3.34 min 10.19 min
Short sleeve 9.38 min 2.17 min 9.07 min 6.30 min 15.30 min 0.041
Long sleeve 8.41 min 2.50 min 8.10 min 5.50 min 17.16 min