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Table 1 Techniques for closure OAC/OAF

From: Decision-making in closure of oroantral communication and fistula

Local soft tissue flaps Buccal flaps Buccal flap (Rehrmann flap)
Môczáir flap
Buccal advanced flap
Buccal fat pad flap
Pedicled buccal fat pad
Buccal flap combined with displacement of the buccal fat pad
Palatal flaps Palatal flap
Palatal rotation-advancement flap
Palatal pedicled flap
Anteriorly based palatal flap
Palatal hinged flap
Palatal mucoperiosteal rotation flap
Palatal straight advancement flap
Palatal pedicled island flap
Modified submucosal connective tissue flap
Submucosal connective tissue pedicle flap
Submucosal island flap
Random palatal flap
  Grafts Free mucous graft
Subepithelial connective tissue graft
Autogenous distant flaps Tongue flap
Auricular cartilage
Septal cartilage
Temporalis muscle flap
Autogenous bone grafts Intraoral
Autogenous fibrin Platelet-rich fibrin
Allogenous Fibrin glue
Xenografts Collagen
Gelatin film
Bio Gide/Bio Oss
Synthetic materials/metals Gold
Root analogue
Titanium dental implant
Other techniques Tooth transplantation
Interseptal alveolotomy
Guided tissue regeneration
Prolamin gel
Biostimulation with laser light