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Fig. 1

From: Efficacy of electric-powered cleaning instruments in edentulous patients with implant-supported full-arch fixed prostheses: a crossover design

Fig. 1

Study design and digital images for the comparison of four different tooth-cleaning instruments. a Each patient was randomly assigned to use two electric-powered brushes (OralB and SD) and one electric dental floss unit (AF). A manual toothbrush was used for the control group. b Brush heads of each instrument. From left to right: AF (nozzle HX8002/05), OralB (brushing head EB20), SD (brushing head HX6074/05), and Brush (Tuft24® MS). c Left: fitting surface of an implant-supported FDP before brushing; right: after brushing. Plaque is stained red. d The plaque area and the outline of the FDP in c were traced manually, and the plaque was colored with pink to calculate the area before and after brushing (only after brushing is shown in the figure). e The plaque area in d was divided into buccal and palatal sides with a dotted line that passes through the center points of each of the four implants’ midpoints. The yellow area denotes buccal side plaque, and the light blue area denotes palatal side plaque

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