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Table 9 Implant system and implant failure

From: Outcomes of implant-based oral rehabilitation in head and neck oncology patients—a retrospective evaluation of a large, single regional service cohort

Implant system No. of patients No. of implants No. of implant failures Implant failure (%)
Straumann 140 679 24 3.5
Brånemark 16 63 8 12.7
Astra Tech 11 36 2 5.6
Oktagon 1 1 0 0.0
TOTAL 168 779 34 96.5
  1. The number of patients, implants placed and implant failures and percentage implant failure for each implant system used in this patient cohort (note: one patient had both Straumann and Brånemark implants placed) (implant manufacturers: Straumann implants (Institut Straumann, Basel, Switzerland), Brånemark implants (Nobel Biocare, Zurich, Switzerland), Astra Tech implants (Dentsply Implants, Mannheim, Germany), Oktagon implants (Dental Ratio, Langenfeld, Germany)