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Table 7 Surgical complications reported during implant placement

From: Outcomes of implant-based oral rehabilitation in head and neck oncology patients—a retrospective evaluation of a large, single regional service cohort

Surgical complications No. of cases
Treatment planning related
 During implant, placement reconstruction screw hit and reconstruction screw were removed to accommodate the implant 2
 Implant position was changed during surgical procedure and the implant was placed free hand as the implant position from the surgical guide was deemed inappropriate 2
Anatomy related
 Difficult surgical access to place implants so implants were not placed 2
 The implant was not placed as there is a high risk of inferior dental nerve damage 1
 CAD-CAM surgical guide made access more challenging so it was not used to prepare posterior sites 1
 Lack of bone volume to place implant—so an alternative site was used 3
 Large incisions were required to attain surgical access to fit the CAD-CAM surgical guide which was deemed inappropriate and the implants were subsequently placed free hand 1
Procedure related
 Lack of primary stability of the implant so larger implant diameter was used to achieve primary stability 4
 Lack of primary stability of the implant—implants left in situ 2
 Lack of primary stability of implants—so the implant was not placed 1
 Lack of primary stability of the implant—so the implant was placed in an alternative site 1
 The implant was not placed due to being placed too deep 1
 Inadequate fit of CAD-CAM surgical guide—either was not used or was used in to estimate the implant bed preparation site and angulation but then prepared and placed free hand 3
 CAD-CAM surgical guide needed to be adjusted to allow it to fit 1
Total 24
  1. The number of cases and type of surgical complications that were documented during the process of surgical implant placement in this study population. These were grouped into treatment planning- , anatomy- , procedure-related and other. CAD-CAM computer-aided design-computer-aided manufacture