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Table 4 Implant survival in specified bone type

From: Outcomes of implant-based oral rehabilitation in head and neck oncology patients—a retrospective evaluation of a large, single regional service cohort

Bone type No. of implants No. of implant failures Implant survival (%)
All patients 779 34 95.6
Native maxilla/mandible (non-resected) 628 12 98.0
Native mandible (non-resected) 323 7 97.8
Native maxilla (non-resected) 305 5 98.4
Resected mandible/maxilla not grafted with autogenous bone 22 0 100
Native autogenous bone graft 129 22 82.9
  1. Implant numbers, failures and implant survival percentages overall and divided into each type of bone into which the implants were placed which include; native bone, resected native bone and autogenous bone graft sites