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Table 3 Summary of surgical interventions and tissue type used for head and neck reconstruction

From: Outcomes of implant-based oral rehabilitation in head and neck oncology patients—a retrospective evaluation of a large, single regional service cohort

Surgical intervention No. of patients
 No surgery 19
 Surgery and no reconstruction 56
 Surgery and reconstruction with free flap/autogenous bone graft 92
 Total 167
Reconstructive tissue used No. of patients
 Fibula 31
 Radial 30
 DCIA 11
 Scapula 9
 ALT 7
 Iliac crest (non-vascular) 3
 Pectoralis Major 2
 Total 93
  1. Cancer staging and the number and percentages of patients experiencing implant failure for each cancer stage (where applicable). TNM tumour, node, metastasis