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Table 3 Reported implant therapy for patients diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta

From: Implant therapy for a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta type I: review of literature with a case report

Reference Age (years) Gender OI type Bone graft augmentation Number of implants Implant location Implant type
Friberg [23] 51 F N/A** No 6 Full maxilla Regular platform TiUnite Brånemark System
Wannfors [18] 30 F III Yes 4 Full mandible OsseoSpeed
Payne [19] 34 F IV Yes 11 Full maxilla and mandible Brånemark Mk III Ti-Unite
Prabhu [24] 32 M IV No 11 Full maxilla and mandible Brånemark titanium bone-tapped
Binger [20] 32 F N/A** Yes 5 Full maxilla ITI dental standard
Lee [21] 43 F III Yes 2 Right posterior mandible Paragon Screwvent internal hexed
Zola [22] 32 M N/A** Yes 13 Left and right posterior maxilla and left and right posterior mandible Not specified
  1. **OI type was not specified