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Table 2 Modified CONSORT checklist of items for reporting in vitro studies of dental materials [16]

From: The effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the osteogenic activity in osseointegration: a systematic review

Item Domain
1 Abstract: structured summary of trial design, methods, results, and conclusions
2 Scientific background and explanation of rationale with specific objectives and/or hypotheses
3 Intervention: the intervention for each group, including how and when it was administered, with sufficient detail to enable replication
4 Outcomes: completely defined, pre-specified primary and secondary measures of outcome, including how and when they were assessed
5 Sample size: how sample size was determined
6 Randomisation: method used to generate the random allocation sequence
7 Allocation: mechanism used to implement the random allocation sequence, describing any steps taken to conceal the sequence until intervention was assigned
8 Implementation: who generated the random allocation sequence, who enrolled teeth, and who assigned teeth to intervention
9 Blinding: if done, who was blinded after assignment to intervention and how
10 Statistics: statistical methods used to compare groups for primary and secondary outcomes
11 For each primary and secondary outcome, results for each group, and the estimated size of the effect and its precision
12 Trial limitations, addressing sources of potential bias, imprecision, and, if relevant, multiplicity of analyses
Other information
13 Sources of funding and other support role of funders
14 Where the full trial protocol can be accessed, if available