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Table 3 Assessment of risk of bias using SYRCLE’s tool

From: Systemic administration of strontium ranelate to enhance the osseointegration of implants: systematic review of animal studies

Risk of bias Study
Maïmoun et al. 2010 [29] Li et al. 2010 [32] Li et al. 2012 [33] Linderbäck et al. 2012 [30] Chen et al. 2013 [31]
 Sequence generation L L U L L
 Baseline characteristics L L L L L
 Allocation concealment U L U U U
 Random housing U U U U U
Blinding U L U L U
 Random outcome assessment U U U U U
 Blinding U U L U U
 Incomplete outcome data U U U U U
 Selective outcome reporting L L L L L
Other sources of bias H H H H H
  1. L low risk of bias, H high risk of bias, U unclear