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Table 1 Training standards in FGDP (UK) TSID 2016 guideline

From: Postgraduate education in dental implantology in the United Kingdom: a review

Training Standards in Implant Dentistry, 2016
1 Basic sciences: surgical anatomy, pathological process, bone defects, healing processes
2 Implant science: design and materials, limitations
3 Patient assessment and medical considerations
4 Case assessment and treatment planning: straightforward and complex cases
5 Radiographic assessment and Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations (IRMER)
6 Communication and informed consent
7 Infection control and asepsis
8 Soft tissue management (raising flaps and suturing)
9 Hard tissue management (autogenous bone augmentation, guided bone regeneration)
10 Pharmacological management
11 Surgical techniques for implant placement procedures
12 Implant-supported restorative procedures
13 Complications and their management
14 Long-term monitoring of implants
15 Record-keeping, documentation and quality assurance