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Fig. 5

From: The influence of systemically or locally administered mesenchymal stem cells on tissue repair in a rat oral implantation model

Fig. 5

MSC accumulation in the peri-implant tissue. A Schematic of the tissue structural arrangement around the implant. Gray squares indicates panels (B, a) to (B, d). B Immunofluorescence photos around the experimental implants. Right panels show a graphical representation of the results. CD90 (red staining)/GFP-FITC (green) double-positive cells were detected by immunostaining 5 days after each administration. Data are means ± SD of four independent experiments. *p < 0.05 (bar = 200 μm). (a) Alveololingual sulcus around the point of local administration. (b) Buccal side of peri-implant mucosa. (c) Palatal side of peri-implant mucosa. (d) Palatal mucosa

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