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Table 3 Prosthetic treatment protocol

From: Novel expandable short dental implants in situations with reduced vertical bone height—technical note and first results

Type of prosthetic treatment Session Procedure
Fixed denture (bridge) 1 Open impression
2 Abutment check, set-up
 • Titanium abutments
 • Non-precious metal framework, completely lined
 • Neighbouring crowns interlocked
3 Check and insertion of the suprastructure
 • Cementation (ImProv™, Dentegris, Duisburg, Germany)
Combined fixed-removable denture Telescope 1 Open impression (implants and stumps)
2 Jaw relation (wax splint)
3 Aesthetic check
4 Check of the primary telescope, fixation impression
5 Complete check
6 Insertion of the definitive denture
 • Cementation of the primary telescope (Ketac™ Cem, 3M ESPE, Neuss, Germany)
Removable denture Jaw bar 1 Open impression
2 Abutment check
3 Jaw relation (wax splint)
4 Aesthetic check
5 Jaw bar check
6 Complete check
7 Finishing
Ball attachment 1 Impression of the edentulous alveolar ridge
2 Jaw relation (wax splint)
3 Aesthetic check
4 Chairside insertion of the matrices