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Table 1 Patient-reported quality of life outcomes following ZIP flap procedure

From: The zygomatic implant perforated (ZIP) flap: a new technique for combined surgical reconstruction and rapid fixed dental rehabilitation following low-level maxillectomy

Domain Score
Activity 100 (“I am as active as I have ever been”)
Anxiety 100 (“I am not anxious about my cancer”)
Appearance 75 (“The change in my appearance is minor”)
Chewing 100 (“I can chew as well as ever”)
Fear 75 (“I have a little fear, with occasional thoughts but they don’t really bother me”)
Intimacy 100 (“I have no problems with intimacy as a result of my cancer”)
Mood 100 (“My mood is excellent and unaffected by my cancer”)
Pain 100 (“I have no pain”)
Recreation 100 (“There are no limitations to recreation at home or away from home”)
Saliva 100 (“My saliva is of normal consistency”)
Speech 75 (“I have difficulty saying some words but I can be understood over the phone”)
Shoulder 100 (“I have no problem with my shoulder”)
Swallowing 100 (“I can swallow as well as ever”)
Taste 100 (“I can taste food normally”)
Overall QOL Very good
Most important aspect Fear of recurrence