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Table 2 Log-transformed mean bacterial anaerobic counts (SD) of culture-positive implants for the control and test group before (Tpre) and after (Tpost) debridement and decontamination of the implant surface (intra-operative microbrush samples)

From: Implant decontamination with phosphoric acid during surgical peri-implantitis treatment: a RCT

N = 40a Total anaerobic bacterial load
Log-transformed mean (SD)
  Tpre Tpost Difference β (95% CI)b p value
Control 5.57 (0.93) [17] 2.25 (2.98)c [7]d 2.68 (3.25) −1.39 (−3.09–0.32) 0.108
Test 5.35 (0.98) [23] 0.81 (2.25)c [3]d 4.19 (3.31)  
  1. SD standard deviation, [n] number of culture-positive implants
  2. aImplants with baseline values of 0 excluded from analysis
  3. bLinear regression analysis, adjusted for baseline values
  4. cSignificant difference from baseline
  5. dSignificant difference in number of culture-positive implants after decontamination between test and control group (p = 0.042)