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Fig. 1

From: The effect of membrane exposure on lateral ridge augmentation: a case-controlled study

Fig. 1

Clinical photographs of the both treatment groups after the initial surgery, 1 week post-op and at the re-entry. a) In the test group, no primary wound closure was achieved (left) and the barrier was left exposed for secondary intention healing. After 1 week, the matrix remained exposed (middle) showing no signs of infection. For months later, the exposed area was covered by a keratinized tissue (right). b) In the test group, primary wound closure was achieved at surgery (left). However, the barrier became exposed after 1 week of healing (middle). For months later, exposed area was covered with a keratinized tissue (right). c) In the control group, primary wound closure was achieved (left). After 1 week (middle), primary healing happened without any signs of membrane exposure. For months later, the site healed uneventfully (right)

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