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Table 3 Summaries of preparation procedures, relative mechanical, degradation, and related properties of A-PRF, CGF and PPTF

From: Mechanical and degradation properties of advanced platelet-rich fibrin (A-PRF), concentrated growth factors (CGF), and platelet-poor plasma-derived fibrin (PPTF)

Centrifugal conditions 198 g × 8 min 692 g × 2 mina
547 g × 4 min
692 g × 4 min
855 g × 3 min
580 g × 8 min (1st)b
1060 g × 8 min (2nd)
Anticoagulants None None ACD-A
Coagulation factors None None Thrombin
Mechanical strength Tough Tough Moderate
Serum retention High High Medium
Degradation Moderate Moderate Fast
Fibrin fibers Thickness Thick Thick Thin
Crosslink density Low Low High
  1. aThe centrifugal force was automatically changed by the specific program of centrifuge
  2. bPPP was prepared by the double-spin method