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Table 1 Patient selection criteria

From: Comparative evaluation of the stability of two different dental implant designs and surgical protocols—a pilot study

Inclusion Male or female
At least 18 years old
Healthy enough to undergo routine implant surgery and subsequent dental treatment
Partially edentulous requiring single dental implants in the maxilla
Adequate volume of native or grafted bone to accommodate dental implants at least 8 mm long
No active infections
Physically, emotionally, and financially able to undergo planned implant procedures
Adequate compliance to meet study requirements and necessary appointments
Exclusion Medical need for antibiotic premedication for infective endocarditis, artificial joints, or any other medication
Uncontrolled hypertension
Uncontrolled diabetes
Serological human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive
History of significant heart, stomach, liver, kidney, blood, immune system, or other organ impairment or systemic disease that would prevent undergoing the proposed treatment
Smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products
Use of investigational drugs during the previous month
Unresolved dental conditions likely to require exiting the study for treatment, such as deep cavities, abscesses, or moderate to severe periodontal disease
History of radiation therapy to the head and neck
Unwilling or inability to sign the informed consent form
Failure to demonstrate willingness to return for a required number of visits
Need immediate dental implant placement following tooth extraction
  1. Patient selection, inclusion, and exclusion criteria are presented