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Table 1 Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria

From: A randomized, 12-month controlled trial to evaluate non-inferiority of early compared to conventional loading of modSLA implants in single tooth gaps

Inclusion criteria Age over 20 Patient who have missing teeth in premolar or molar site Good oral hygiene Predicted implant site has 1–3 quality of bone densityand enough quantity of bone Extraction socket in predicted implant site is completely healed (16 weeks or more)
Exclusion criteria Systemic condition negatively affect implant treatment (e.g., septicemia, immune deficiency, diabetes) Systemic condition that contraindicate oral surgical procedure Patient with ten or more cigarette consumption in a day Patient who is going to participate in another clinical trial or already joined within 30 days before agreement of this trial Patient who do not follow and cooperative dentist’s instruction Pregnant or lactating female or female who might have willingness to be pregnant Patient who has caries or severe periodontal disease Severe parafunction of bruxism or clenching Antagonist of expected implant site is removable partial denture or edentulous site without prosthesis Patient with poor oral hygiene or not positive for plaque control Patient have adjacent teeth next to the edentulous site with periodontal pocket of 4 mm or more Cases needs bone augmentation procedure History of implant failure at the same site