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Table 10 Synopsis of studies of chewing performance before and after treatment with dental implants

From: Occlusal rehabilitation in patients with congenitally missing teeth—dental implants, conventional prosthetics, tooth autotransplants, and preservation of deciduous teeth—a systematic review

Autor Year Study type Population Treatment Comparison Patients Replaced teeth Bite force [N] Color change chew.gum [a*] Chewing time [s] Occlusal contact area [mm2] Masticatory index 0–3 MFIQ Study quality
Finnema [27] 2005 Retrospect. Oligodontia Implant FPD Before treatment 13 156       2.23 M
      After treatment         0.31  
Goshima [28] 2009 ProspObs Oligodontia Implant sing. crown Before treatment 18 37 1087.3 18.8 21.1 34.3 0.3   L
      After treatment    1383 23.2 17.9 44.9 0