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Table 1 Logical deduction of the literature search phrase from the PICO questionable

From: Occlusal rehabilitation in patients with congenitally missing teeth—dental implants, conventional prosthetics, tooth autotransplants, and preservation of deciduous teeth—a systematic review

Patients Intervention Control Outcomes
Patients with congenitally missing teeth Rehabilitation Tooth autotransplants General:
Dental implants Preservation of deciduous teeth Implant/tooth survival/success
Bone augmentation Conventional prosthodontic treatment Prosthesis survival/success
Orthodontic treatment Craniofacial growth
Patient reported:
Quality of life
Chewing function
Synonyms, search terms, search phrase
• Anodontia (MeSH) • Rehabilitation • Autotransplan* • Survival
• Hypodontia • Dental implan* (MeSH) • Crown (MeSH) • Success
• Oligodontia • Alveolar bone grafting (MeSH) • Dentur* (MeSH) • Growth
• Tooth aplasia • Bone augmentation • Dental Prosthe* (MeSH) • Quality of life (MeSH)
• Tooth agenesis   • Orthodonti* (MeSH) • Satisfaction
• Congenitally missing teeth   • Tooth deciduous (MeSH) • Self-esteem
• Developmentally absent teeth    • Chewing
• Birth defects    • Masticat* (MeSH)
• Noncarious defects    • Masticat* (MeSH)
• Ectodermal dysplasia    
AND (tooth OR teeth OR dental)    
  1. Boolean operators: (Within column OR, columns AND except intervention and control OR) AND (tooth OR teeth OR dental)
  2. NOT cancer, ophthalm*, brain, cataract
  3. Filter: humans
  4. Search phrase
  5. (tooth OR teeth OR dental) AND ((anodontia OR aplas* OR agenesis OR oligodontia OR hypodontia OR developmentally absent OR congenitally missing OR noncarious OR birth defect OR ectodermal dysplasia) AND ((rehabilitation OR dental implant* OR bone augment* OR alveolar bone grafting) OR (autotransplan* OR crown OR denture* OR dental prosth* OR orthodont* OR deciduous )) AND (survival OR success OR growth OR quality of life OR satisfaction OR self-esteem OR chewing OR masticat*) NOT cancer NOT ophthalm* NOT brain NOT cataract))