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Table 2 Implant fixed prostheses

From: Current status of implant prosthetics in Japan: a survey among certified dental lab technicians

Question   Values
Q3. The percentages of implant fixed prostheses: Cement-retained 61.4%
Screw-retained 38.6%
Q4. What are the proportions of abutments used with cement-retained prostheses? CAD/CAM (titanium) 19.7%
CAD/CAM (zirconia) 12.1%
Custom abutments (UCLA-type abutment + gold alloy) 33.2%
Two-piece-type titanium (prepable type) 28.3%
Other 6.5%
Q5. What types of materials (i.e. veneer, coping) are used to make implant prostheses in the anterior region? Porcelain fused to metal crown 43.4%
All ceramic crown (zirconia) 27.1%
All ceramic crown (other materials) 6.6%
Indirect composites (facing crown) 21.3%
Indirect composites (jacket crown) 2.4%
Q6. What types of implant fixed prostheses are used in the posterior region? Porcelain fused to metal crown (full bake) 31.4%
Porcelain fused to metal crown (metal occlusal) 9.1%
All ceramic crown (zirconia) 14.3%
Indirect composite veneer crown (full bake) 22.3%
Indirect composite veneer crown (metal occlusal) 12.6%
Metal crown 10.3%